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Gegwen iisiweb

Husky Picnic every Sat & Sun at 2pm

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Finally, we have joined TripAdvisor on Feb 1, 2019, thanks to so many requests. Please, start adding your reviews before the snow melds away.

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Current news!

We organize Husky Picnics (almost) every Saturday and Sunday usually at 2pm until the end of sledding season. On demand also on other times. Check the list below!

Program: kennel visit, 1 km husky ride (in bad snow conditions might be shorter), hot juice, coffee and fried sausages in the teepee by open fire. You can bring your own snacks, recommended if you're on a special diet.

Duration: The 1 km ride lasts 5-10 mins at maximum. Between the rides, it is possible to make friends with the huskies, do photography and sit by the fire doing the picnic. People stay typically 1–3 hours. depending on their own schedule and weather.

Prices: €30 per person, children under 12 years €10. Payment at location in cash. Credit cards not accepted.

Reservations: by email: . Add your telephone number in case there will be some last minute changes. Maximum number of participants 20 persons.

Address: Kennel Gegwen, Saarikunnantie 214, 37500 Lempäälä.

Public transport: If you don’t have a car, the easiest ways here is by train to Lempäälä (20 south of Tampere, 150 km north of Helsinki). Train schedules at There is a taxi stop at Lempäälä station. Take a taxi to my address (8km ~ €20). If there is no taxi, call immediately 0100 4131. You can arrive for the Husky Picnic a little bit earlier or later than agreed.

Next Husky Picnics

Husky picnics are organized also at other times on demand. Please note, that if there is not enough snow for dogsledding, the event will be cancelled. We prohibit the right to schedule changes also in other compelling situations.

  • Wed, Feb 20 cancelled because of warm weather
  • Fri, Feb 22 fully booked
  • Sat, Feb 23 fully booked
  • Sun, Feb 24 fully booked
  • Tue, Feb 26 at 14:00
  • Thu, Feb 28 fully booked
  • Sat, Mar 2 fully booked
  • Sun, Mar 3 at 14:00
  • Fri, Mar 8 Women's Day Husky Picnic at 17:00 − 50% discount for women – fully booked
  • Sat, Mar 9 at 14:00
  • Sun, Mar 10 fully booked
  • Sat, Mar 16 at 14:00
  • Sun, Mar 17 fully booked
  • Thu, Mar 21 Full Moon Husky Picnic at 20:00
  • Sat, Mar 23 fully booked
  • Sun, Mar 24 fully booked
  • Fri, Mar 29 at 14:00
  • Sat, Mar 30 at 14:00
  • Sun, Mar 31 at 14:00
  • Mon, Apr 1 Season Ending Party at 18:00 (if still snow). Open for invited guests only.
  • Tue, Apr 2 closed for the summer
  • We'll be back around Christmas 2019 when the snow will have fallen again

If you don't find a suitable day for your group in the list, feel free to suggest a new one!
Jollei listalta löytynyt sinulle sopivaa päivää, ehdota uutta!

Husky Frolicking by R. Korpela @ TVS